Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It's July, How the Hell Did That Happen?

Life is a funny thing, there will be moments that last (ie: drag) forever, and then it all whips by.

Last week was my birthday, my 32nd birthday. How did that happen?
To celebrate, albeit belatedly, everyone who follows and comments on the blog between now and Sunday July 15th will be entered in my Birthday Giveaway. One lucky winner will get to chose a Kindle format book from a selection of my favorite authors: Stefanie Sloane, Julia Quinn, Maya Rodale, Vicky Dreiling, Kieran Kramer, Maggie Shayne or Delilah Marvelle. (This is in no way endorsed by any of the authors or their publishers, just me spreading the birthday love.)

Here is a once in a blue moon picture of me, celebrating my birthday out with a friend, white sangria does no wrong!

I am about to post my first book reviews, something that I had intended to do a month ago, but it's ready now. Please be kind.


  1. Morgan -

    I saw this post when I was stopping by and had to wish you a Happy Birthday! My younger son Ryon (yes with an O not an A - it's a family name) was born on July 3rd and when he was a toddler our town's fireworks were held on the 3rd instead of the 4th. For years he thought that all the people came to them to celebrate HIS birthday!

    This year I'll be 65 and believe me your not getting older your just getting better! It's just a matter of perspective so enjoy every day! Sorry I didn't know about your blog sooner but I send you wishes for your birthday that next year when it comes around again that you'll have hundreds of followers!

  2. Thanks Jeanne!! My birthday was also on the 3rd! We have Canada Day on the first so it would be the same for me, as for your son.

  3. Hey, I saw your link on RR and I thought I stop in and say "HI" After reading your profile I noticed we both share the love of the same books, crappy music, chocolate! so thats always cool in my book! Anyway, have a very Happy Birthday!