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Release Day Tour - Jennifer Delamere’s A BRIDE FOR THE SEASON

“Thank you,” she said softly. “I don’t know why I can’t dance like that with other men. With you it was . . .easy.”

Lucinda was always so truthful, so sincere, that it pained him to see how she was looking at him. He was in no way deserving of her trust, and yet she had given it to him. “Perhaps it was because you were listening to the music inside you. Inside here.” He lightly placed a forefinger just above her heart. It was edging on indecent to do so, but she didn’t object. She just kept looking at him, and beneath his hand he could feel her heart pounding wildly.

Around them, the stillness seemed to settle, even as specks of dust floated in the sunshine coming through the window. James could not seem to move. He really should not be so intensely attuned to the allure she did not even realize she presented. Without question he should not be touching her at all, let alone in a private room. And yet she remained tantalizingly close. She must be, as he was, either unable or unwilling to move away. One hand remained in his, cool and soft. Its light, gentle touch sent powerful sensations through him. They were both watching each other intently, and he felt, right down to his core, the moment their gazes dropped to each other’s lips. What kind of a man was he, to be giving serious consideration to such a clearly wrong action? He was either a cad or an idiot. Most probably he was a good mixture of both, because slowly, deliberately, no longer caring to resist, he closed the distance between them and kissed her.


London's most scandalous bachelor has finally gone too far. Caught in a situation that was innocent but too compromising, James Simpson is forced to admit that he must do the honorable thing and marry the lady. Unfortunately, marriage alone will not be enough to appease her father. He won't agree to a dowry unless James can find a suitable husband for the lady's elder sister-the shy and awkward Lucinda Cardington.

Lucinda doesn't care that she is close to being "on the shelf"; she has more serious pursuits in mind. She enjoys the friendship she and James share over their love of photography, but she leaves dreams of romance to silly young ladies like her sister. James does manage to find a match for Lucinda, and his efforts to get them together are about to succeed...until James comes to the distressing realization that he doesn't want Lucinda in anyone's arms but his own.

A Bride for the Season is available on AmazonB&NiTunesBAM!

Check it out on Goodreads!

Let's meet Jennifer!

The youngest child of a Navy pilot and a journalist, Jennifer acquired a love of adventure and an excitement for learning that continues to this day. She's lived in three countries and traveled throughout the U.S.  An avid reader of classics and historical fiction, she also enjoys biographies and histories, which she mines for the vivid details to bring to life the characters and places in her books. She resides with her husband in  North Carolina --where, when not writing or dreaming up romantic adventures for her characters, she can be found fantasizing about her next ski trip or European vacation.

Visit her on FacebookTwitter, and her Website

AND on a super exciting note, there's a giveaway!!
Jennifer is giving away 5 copies of A Bride for the Season!

Enter now!

A Bride for the Season is the third book in Jennifer's Love's Grace series.

Check out the other books in the series!

A youthful indiscretion has cost Lizzie Poole more than just her honor. After five years living in exile, she's finally returning home, but she's still living a secret life. Her best friend Ria's dying wish was for Lizzie to assume her identity, return to London, and make amends that Ria herself would never live to make. Bearing a striking resemblance to her friend, and harboring more secrets than ever before, Lizzie embarks on a journey that tempts her reckless heart once again . . . 

A committed clergyman, Geoffrey Somerville's world is upended when he suddenly inherits the title of Lord Somerville. Now he's invited to every ball and sought after by the matchmaking mothers of London society. Yet the only woman to capture his heart is the one he cannot have: his brother's young widow, Ria. Duty demands he deny his feelings, but his heart longs for the mysterious beauty. With both their futures at stake, will Lizzie be able to keep up her façade? 
Or will she find the strength to share her secret and put her faith in true love?

Socialite Margaret Vaughn is the wealthiest heiress in London-or so everybody thinks. Saddled with debt left by her father, she agrees to marry a rich man who can save her family's estate. But when her fiancé turns out to be just another poor social climber, Margaret faces financial ruin-and social humiliation. Just when she thinks all is lost, she finds an unlikely angel in Tom Poole . . . 

After amassing a fortune in the gold fields of Australia and surviving a harrowing shipwreck, Tom Poole is the toast of London society. Yet despite his newfound fame, he's never forgotten his own humble beginnings. When he learns of Margaret's plight, he offers her financial assistance-but his interest is not strictly business. Taken with her beauty and grace, the rugged adventurer wants nothing more than to win Margaret's heart. But can he convince the proper, refined lady that, despite their social differences, they are a match made in heaven?

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Butter Beer: Fictional No More!

Halloween is this week, a time for witches and ghosts and supernatural stuff. Maybe a little magic. What says magic more than Harry Potter? After a long cold night of trick or treating (or of ignoring Halloween altogether) nothing could be a better end to the day than settling down with a Harry Potter DVD (any one!) (This of course can be said for any day that ends in y.)

On a regular basis (as often as I can without looking crazy) I like to hold Harry Potter theme nights with the kids; themed snacks are essential. It doesn't take much imagination to call licorice a magic wand. But one thing that you cannot mess around with is the drinks. It's Harry Potter, there really is one option; Butter Beer (okay maybe pumpkin juice, but do you really want that?)

A couple of years ago we went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Florida. My inner geek was thrilled, I could have spent all day there. We even had lunch at the Three Broomsticks, it was awesome. The one thing we all agreed on was that we had to try Butter Beer. This may have been the best decision ever; I have never had anything more delicious.

Ever since then, I tried to find the perfect DIY version (thank you Pinterest!) some were long and complicated, while some were just too simple and unappealing (butterscotch syrup and club soda? Yuck!) But with determination (and some cross-border shopping we have found a recipe that we love.)

2L cream soda (I like to use a brown cream soda, or a root beer)
2Tbsp Butter flavour extract
2tsp vanilla extract (some people like to use rum flavoured)

Pour the extracts into the 2 liter bottle, put on cap and slowly rotate until combined.

1 7oz container of marshmallow creme
1 cup 35% whipping cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (once again, some people like rum)

Mix all ingredients with a mixer until smooth.

Pour the soda into a glass,  cover with the whipped topping, and and sip!

While it's not exactly the same, we love it and every time we see Fluff or the Jet-Puffed marshmallow creme in the store the kids get that look in their eyes.

It's definitely time for another Harry Potter night!

What to Read this Halloween? Heather Graham!

As much as I love sweet and happy boy meets girl stories, or scandalous courtships in a regency ballroom, there is something to be said for books that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up or make you question every sound and shadow. But, it's still important that there be as much of a happy ending as possible. A romantic thriller.
When I want a book that makes my toes curl I have two "go to" authors; Maggie Shayne and Heather Graham. And, while I am never shy to share my love of Maggie, it's time for Heather to get her due.

Heather is another author that I have been reading for years (we are talking over a decade here, oh my god I feel old) it always excites me to find a book of her's that I may not have read yet. Her paranormals are among my favourite books. I'm happy to say that this fall, her newest books had me gripped.

Let's meet Heather!
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham has written more than a hundred novels. She's a winner of the RWA's Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Thriller Writers' Silver Bullet. She is an active member of International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America. For more information, check out her websites:,, and You can also find Heather on Facebook.

About The Hexed
A place of history, secrets…and witchcraft. 
Devin Lyle has recently returned to the Salem area, but her timing couldn't be worse. Soon after she moved into the eighteenth-century cabin she inherited from her great-aunt Mina—her "crazy" great-aunt, who spoke to the dead—a woman was murdered nearby. 
Craig Rockwell—known as Rocky—is a new member of the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI's team of paranormal investigators. He never got over finding a friend dead in the woods. Now another body's been found in those same woods, not far from the home of Devin Lyle. And Devin's been led to a third body—by…a ghost? 
Her discovery draws them both deeper into the case and Salem's rich and disturbing history. Even as the danger mounts, Devin and Rocky begin to fall for each other, something the ghosts of Mina and past witches seem to approve of. But the two of them need every skill they possess to learn the truth—or Devin's might be the next body in the woods….

The Krewe? Yes!
Ghosts? Yes!
Salem Witches? Yes please!

I loved this book!
I have had a long time fascination with Salem and the Witch Trials (I'm not sure if it is just my curious nature, or a past life thing, but anything Salem related always catches hold of my interest and does. not. let. go.)
The Hexed is very well written and is no exception the rule. The story catches hold of you and takes you on a thrilling ride with twists and turns until you get to the end, completely caught by surprise. Sure, I may have figured out part of the "whodunit", but all of it as a whole was a mystery to me.
As with many of Heather's books, you have the group of local friends, the Krewe group, and the odd balls. Everyone always blends together well.
The characters were great, I especially liked Devin's great-aunt Mina; she is quite the character!
It is not a difficult book to read, so don't be surprised when you find yourself finishing the book in one or two sittings; I did not want to put it down!

About The Betrayed
Sleepy Hollow isn't so sleepy anymore… 
One night, New York FBI agent Aiden Mahoney receives a visitor in a dream—an old friend named Richard Highsmith. The very next day he's sent to Sleepy Hollow because Richard's gone missing there. 
Maureen—Mo—Deauville now lives in the historic town and works with her dog, Rollo, to search for missing people. She's actually the one to find Richard…or more precisely his head, stuck on a statue of the legendary Headless Horseman. 
Mo and Aiden, a new member of the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI's unit of paranormal investigators, explore both past and present events to figure out who betrayed Richard, who killed him and now wants to kill them, too. As they work together, they discover that they share an unusual trait—the ability to communicate with the dead. They also share an attraction that's as intense as it is unexpected…if they live long enough to enjoy it!

This book kept me on my toes!
I was never one for the tale of the Headless Horseman, I'm not even tempted to watch the show Sleepy Hollow (even thought the main character certainly qualifies as man candy); it just wasn't my thing. But this book had me intrigued. 
A killer is on the loose in Sleepy Hollow, and has put a spin on the local legend; leaving head on otherwise headless displays. Rather grotesque.
In typical Heather Graham fashion, the book is well written and riveting. While the leads didn't quite hold me as much as I would have liked (I'm sorry to say that I just wasn't feeling them until their HEA), the story had me in a strong vice grip, I wanted to keep reading. That being said, I loved the ghost characters and was completely caught off guard by who the villain/villains were.
If you like a story that grabs you by the throat, and keeps you interested or if you like modern plays on old legends, I definitely recommend this book.

Heather is also holding a contest on her website where you can win the complete Krewe of Hunter series! Enter here.

Book Review - Innocent Prey by Maggie Shayne

Innocent Prey (A Brown and De Luca Novel, Book #3)            by Maggie Shayne

Format: eBook via Netgalley
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA

From the Publisher:

To save innocent lives, they'll have to risk their own. 

Self-help superstar Rachel de Luca and Detective Mason Brown have finally given in to their overwhelming attraction to each other, but neither of them is ready to let physical passion turn into full-blown romance, so they carefully maintain an emotional distance. Then a judge's daughter disappears, and Mason has a terrible sense that it's connected to the most recent case they solved together: the abduction of Rachel's assistant. 

The discovery of a string of missing women—all young, all troubled—seems like a promising lead. But there's no clear connection between the missing girls and the high-profile young woman Mason is trying to find. He realizes that once again he'll have to rely on his own well-honed instincts and Rachel's uncanny capacity to see through people's lies in order to catch a predator and rescue his captives. But can they do it before Rachel becomes his next victim?

It's no secret and no surprise that I am a huge fan of Maggie Shayne. I have been reading her books for years, and have no intention of stopping; I can only hope the same goes for her.

Here's the thing, she never disappoints!

Innocent Prey is the third book of the Brown and De Luca series (the fourth installment, thanks to the brilliant novella Dream of Danger.) While I do strongly recommend that you read the whole series in order (really, it's exciting, and thrilling and the character development is phenomenal) the book could certainly stand on its own two feet.

Rachel De Luca was blind for 20 years, but thanks to a corneal transplant she can see; and boy does she see more than she bargained for (seriously read the first book). But, she does not have ESP (at least according to her...) Mason Brown is a wonderful hero. He is handsome, smart, good at his job, honorable, loyal, and he can handle Rachel's snap and snark. Together they make a mean team, and you do not want to mess with them; they will find you out!

The story involves the disappearance of a judge's daughter, this ties in with the novella Dream of Danger, and uncovers so much more. There is twist and turns, surprises, laughs and gasps, but also some lovely moments along the way. Maggie Shayne is a gifted storyteller; this book is a thrilling ride, I did not want to put it down.

Maggie is a brilliant author, she is also quite a well rounded knowledgeable person. She really puts a lot of herself into her books; I like to think that Rachel's snappy and sarcastic wit is really Maggie shining through.

Can we have the next one now please?

Innocent Prey, and the complete Brown and De Luca series is available for purchase on, and on as well as other book retailers.
(The next book, Deadly Obsession is available for pre-order!)

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Cover Reveal - The Devil Takes a Bride by Julia London

If you are like me, you have favourite authors. Auto-buys. Authors who's books you will re-read and look at them like friends. Julia London is one such author for me, and I have long been a fan of her historical romance novels. Earlier this year, I read The Trouble With Honor, and I fell in love (although, my Canadian girl mind is always spelling it Honour.) The story, the characters, the family devotion it spoke to me (the sisters' relationships with each other but also their mother touched me on a personal level, as I happen to have sisters and a mother!)
The book made me laugh, made me smile, made me cry, and when it was done I wanted to dive right in to the next book in the series, originally The Fall of Lady Grace, it is now titled The Devil Takes a Bride
The book doesn't come out until late January (seriously, that's four months away, I want it now) but luckily we get to see the new cover this week!

The original cover looked a little something like this: 
It was bright, flirtatious, almost candy-like in colours. 
I think she looks like a blonde Emmy Rossum.

But now, without further ado, the new cover, with the new title...

The cover is lush and bold, like a glass of ruby red Merlot, it certainly suits the new title! 
I'm trying to decide if she looks more like Blake Lively, or Jewel Staite, what do you think? 

Let's meet Julia!

Julia London is the NYT, USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author of historical romance, contemporary romance, and women's fiction with strong romantic elements.  Previous series include the Secrets of Hadley Green and Homecoming Ranch.  She is a six-time finalist for the RITA Award of excellence in romantic fiction, and the recipient of RT Bookclub's Best Historical Novel.  She lives in Austin, Texas

From powerful love to sizzling passion, Julia London always delivers an incomparable Regency reading experience. Returning to her acclaimed Cabot sisters series, we meet an earl who can only be
tamed by one wicked lady… 

A plan born of desperation… 
Once the toast of society, Grace Cabot and her sisters now await the shame of losing high status and fine luxuries upon the death of the Earl of Beckington. The dire circumstances are inevitable unless, of course, Grace's wicked plot to seduce a wealthy viscount into marriage goes off without a single hitch. But once a stolen embrace with the wrong man leads her to be discovered in the arms of Jeffrey, the Earl of Merryton, her plan takes a most unexpected—and scorching—twist. 

…and altered by passion. 
Governed by routine and ruled by duty, Jeffrey had no desire for a wife before he succumbed to Grace's temptation. Though his golden-haired, in-name-only bride is the definition of disorder, he can't resist wanting her in every way. But once her secrets meet his, society might consider their lives to be ruined beyond repair…while Jeffrey might just see it as a new beginning.

Title:  The Devil Takes a Bride
Author:  Julia London
Genre:  Historical romance
Release date:  January 27, 2015

I can't wait!!

The Devil Takes a Bride is available for pre-order at AmazonBarnes and NobleiBooks, and Books a Million

But, while you are are waiting, check out the first book of the Cabot Sisters series, The Trouble with Honor. (I fell in love with the cover, that dress is gorgeous! and doesn't she look like Rachel McAdams?)

Passion and scandal collide in New York Times bestselling author Julia London's brand-new series about four sisters determined to rescue themselves from ruin… 
Desperate times call for daring measures as Honor Cabot, the eldest stepdaughter of the wealthy Earl of Beckington, awaits her family's ruin. Upon the earl's death she and her sisters stand to lose the luxury of their grand home—and their place on the pedestal of society—to their stepbrother and his social-climbing fiancée. Forced to act quickly, Honor makes a devil's bargain with the only rogue in London who can seduce her stepbrother's fiancée out of the Cabots' lives for good. 
An illegitimate son of a duke, George Easton was born of scandal and grows his fortune through dangerous risks. But now he and Honor are dabbling in a perilous dance of seduction that puts her reputation and his jaded heart on the line. And as unexpected desire threatens to change the rules of their secret game, the stakes may become too high even for a notorious gambler and a determined, free-spirited debutante to handle.

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Maggie Shayne's WINGS IN THE NIGHT Celebration Tour

I am so excited today! In my long experience of being an avid reader, there are a few authors that have left their mark, that I have stuck with, that I have made a point of getting my hands on every single book they have written. Today's guest is one such author. Her words are literally magic.

Today's guest has written books that have fueled my imagination, that have given me courage, and hope. 

I am delighted to welcome Maggie Shayne!

She is touring some fantastic blogs this month to promote her latest release; Twilight Guardians: Wings in the Night Reborn

(from the publisher)
Maggie Shayne is best known as the New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 novels, nearly 30 novellas, a former soap writer, (The Guiding Light, As the World Turns,) a former advice columnist (Shayne on You,) and RITA Award winner. But what’s less known about her is that she’s been a practicing Witch for almost as long as she’s been a published author.
Known within the Craft of the Wise as LadyHawk the Mythmaker, Maggie studied in the Black Forest Circle Seminary for three years, earning her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree elevations there. A licensed minister of Wicca, Maggie was later made a Craft Elder, and co-founded a new Wiccan tradition called RavenMyst Circle. Her coven, The Coven of the Redtail Hawk, turned out five new high priestesses, several of whom went on to form covens of their own, and making Maggie, according to the Old Ways, A Witch Queen.
Maggie has published westerns, category romances, romantic suspense, paranormal romances, urban fantasy, women's fiction, and just about everything in between. She's a winner of the RITA Award, the romance fiction industry's most prestigious prize, and has won countless others including several RT BOOK RREVIEWS "Reviewer's Choice" Awards, two RT Career Achievement Awards, the Daphne du Maurier Award, The Golden Leaf Award and numerous others.

Maggie's "Twilight" series of vampire novels, officially known as Wings in the Night, began in 1993 with TWILIGHT PHANTASIES from Silhouette Shadows. The series concluded with TWILIGHT FULFILLED in October 2011, but has come back to life now that she has gone indie.

Q1:  Can you tell us 3 random things about yourself?
A: 1. Every time we go out for ice cream, I get a peanut-butter cup flurry. 2. I love birds. I’m actually kind of a bird nut. My ring tone is “I like Birds.” 3. I’m a hermit. It takes a lot to get me to leave my home. I love it here. Bonus Random Thing 4: I’m a mystic and a witch. I meditate. I channel. I counsel. I cast and conjure. I read tarot cards and interpret signs in nature. I philosophize. I have frequent spiritual breakthroughs and “aha!” moments. And I am constantly seeking a deeper level of understanding about all things.

Q2:  What’s a typical writing day like for you?
A: First there are several hours of procrastination, followed by repeatedly sitting down at the desk and getting up again because I forgot something (fresh coffee, a cordless phone, my glasses.) Then finally, I get started. I usually write hard for a solid two or three hours, during which time I become so enmeshed in my fictional world that I lose track of the one around me. I’ve had experiences when I was writing a blizzard scene during the summer, and when I finally looked up from my desk, and out the window beyond it, I was momentarily lost, wondering where the snow had gone. It’s very very intense and exhausting. Anything over two hours, and my brain is mush for a few hours afterward. I take a long long time to answer questions, and mostly just act like a zombie for a while. But then I come back around.

Q3:  You’ve been writing for quite awhile. Can you tell us a little bit about how your journey to getting your first book published went and how it’s been since then?
A: Oh my first one! I had five little girls, about two years apart. The oldest was 14 and the youngest was about to start kindergarten. I had been writing and submitting for a few years by then, but nothing was happening. I had promised myself that if I hadn’t sold a book by the time my youngest daughter Lisa (who is the model on the cover of Twilight Guardians, by the way) started kindergarten, I would get a “real job.” Two weeks before that fateful day, I had a call from an editor at Silhouette (now Harlequin.) I tried to take the call in my bedroom for privacy, but all five girls followed. 5, 7, 9, 11, and 14, and every one of them knew how important this was to me. The editor said she wanted to buy RECKLESS ANGEL for Intimate Moments (now Romantic Suspense) and to suggest revisions to TWILIGHT PHANTASIES which I had submitted to the “Shadows” line. I managed to sound very businesslike and calm as I sank to the floor, because my knees had given out. The girls were all bouncing and clenching their jaws to keep quiet, wide eyed, wondering if this was it. (Except the little one, who was probably just bouncing because everyone else was.) And as soon as I hung up, and turned to them, and said, “Mommy’s book is going to be published,” all six females in that room started screaming and jumping and hugging. It was a good thing we lived in the country. Close neighbors would’ve called 911!

A month later, the editor bought the revised Twilight Phantasies too, and I was published in both lines. That was in 1992. As excited as I was to have a dream come true, there is no way I could’ve known then how thoroughly my life had just changed.

By the end of 2014 I will have published 60 novels and 28 novellas for almost every major publisher in the industry. I’ve hit the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists many times over. I’ve won a RITA Award and countless other industry awards. I spent a year writing for CBS Daytime soaps. And earlier this year, I took a huge leap of faith to become a fully independent author, writing for my own label, Thunderfoot Publishing.

Q4:  If you could choose 3 words to describe yourself and your journey as an author so far, what would they be?
A: Dream. Believe. Receive.

Q5:  Are you a plotter or a pantser?
A: Pantser, all the way. I almost never know what’s going to happen until it does. Once I have an idea, I’ll usually generate a handful of major turning point, big important scenes that I know I want to include, but even those can change as I write. It’s all channeled. At least that’s how it feels. Like I’m “finding” the story somewhere in the astral, and writing it down to be shared here on earth. It’s not at all like I’m making it up. It’s like it already exists somewhere and I’m just locating it, uncovering it, brushing it off, and putting it on display. Like an archaeologist digging up bits of ancient civilizations.

Q6:   What are you the most proud of with regards to your career thus far?
A: A reader was pregnant and the baby, she was told, would not survive. The pregnancy was high risk to the mother. She should abort right away. She was despondent, naturally. Her teenage daughter found one of my books at a lawn sale and brought it to cheer her mother up. It was EDGE OF TWILIGHT. The daughter had no idea what it was about, but knew her mom had enjoyed my stories in the past. In that book, there is a doomed pregnancy, and a miraculously happy ending. The reader took the storyline as a message, as a sign, and she decided to keep her baby and take her chances. Her choice, and fully her right to make it. Anyway, she continued the pregnancy against medical advice, and later delivered a healthy baby girl. Both of them are fine and well to this day. She wrote to me after the baby was born to tell me about all this. I still have that note. It’s one I’ll cherish always. I think the Universe used my book to reach that reader, and I’m so very grateful to have been a small part of what can only be described as a miracle.

Q7:  Was there any specific inspiration behind the creation of Twilight Guardians?

A: I wanted to begin a new chapter of Wings in the Night, where new readers could begin without having read the earlier novels. This is a new start, hence the “Reborn” part of the series name. But at the same time, I knew longtime fans of the series would want to catch up with beloved characters. This was a big challenge, but I think we’ve hit the balance here. We have two couples, a beloved pair, Rhiannon, the diva of the entire series, and her mate Roland, coming to the aid of a young vampire named Killion who believes he is the last of his kind, and the girl who’s being trained to hunt his kind, Charlie O’Malley. It’s hard to put any heroine into a book with Rhiannon because Rhiannon tends to outshine everyone around her. However, Charlie really rose to the occasion, and even Rhiannon grudgingly admires her by the story’s end.

Q8:  What are you the most proud of with regards to Twilight Guardians?
 A: Besides the fact that my youngest daughter is on the cover? :) I’m proud of the growth of female lead Charlie. She starts the story as a young woman who’s been treated like a piece of fragile china her entire life, and she ends the story kicking ass and taking names. It’s a huge evolution for her, and it’s an extremely empowering story for women, young and old.

Q9:  Can you tell us a little bit more about the characters of Twilight Guardians?
 A: Killian is one of the loneliest people I’ve come across. He thinks he’s the only vampire left in the world, as this story opens after human/vampire wars have supposedly wiped them all out. He doesn’t know about a group of undead in hiding across the Atlantic. Charlie is a tragic case of a woman who learns she’s going to die very young, and suddenly realizes she has not yet lived. These two have so much to teach each other as we go along. Rhiannon, who can sometimes come off as a bit of a diva bitch, is brought to her knees by a little surprise in this book, (and Roland by a big one) and she and Roland enter a very new phase of a very old relationship.

Q10:  How long have you had the story for Twilight Guardians in your head and how did it come to be?
A: I came up with the barest bones of the story in February just as I finished the final book of my publishing contract. I wrote an outline for it to begin my next contract, and to my surprise, my publisher had very different ideas. This was a large part of my decision to go indie. That’s how much this series means to me. I had tried to let it go for two years, and it just wouldn’t leave me alone. So I took a giant leap of faith. I started writing immediately and had a first draft in about 10 weeks.

Q11:  What was the most challenging thing about bringing Twilight Guardians to life?
 A: Not letting Rhiannon take over the story. Keeping the focus on the main couple. Writing a younger heroine and not having her sound and think like someone my own age. But those are little things. I’m finding the hardest thing right now is to finish the story and let it go. I keep thinking it needs one more draft, and one more and one more. I don’t have a big payment waiting for me the day I finally declare it done and let it go so I can keep polishing as long as I want, and I’m finding I’m jittery and nervous about calling it finished. It will be my first entirely independent full length novel, so...I’m riding without training wheels here.

Q11:  What are you hoping readers will take away from reading Twilight Guardians?
 A: My message is always some version of “Love is the strongest force in the Universe.” That’s the sermon I preach with every story, and it’s why I write in the genre I do. There are really only two motivations behind every act we undertake in life. Love and fear. Hate is just a manifestation of fear. If we can trust in love, and try always to make the decision that’s based on love, I think our lives would be happier and there would be peace on earth.

Q12:  What’s up next for WINGS IN THE NIGHT: REBORN?
 A: It hasn’t come to me yet, but it will. :) 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog Maggie, it was so much fun!!

Twilight Guardians

Print Length: 400 pages
Publisher: Thunderfoot Publishing


Add the book to your GoodReads Shelf

Discounted price Pre-Order ($2.00 off regular price!):

"My inspiration has always been Maggie Shayne's Wings in the Night." #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Christine Feehan

They told 20-year-old Charlie O’Malley that they had a cure for the rare blood condition that would eventually kill her–an untested, experimental cure. All they wanted in return was for her to join their elite military team and train to kill the Undead.

She took the deal, not because she cared so much about extending her life, but because it would make her strong–stronger than ordinary humans. Strong enough to kill the vampire who’d pretended to love her, taken her blood, used her body, and murdered her mother.

Killion was the last of his kind, or so he thought. When he found Charlie, he felt the pull. She had the rare Belladonna Antigen all vampires had as humans. Vampires were compelled to protect those rare mortals they called The Chosen. But with Charlie, the bond was different, more powerful than anything he’s felt before, and impossible to resist, even though surrendering to it will probably get him killed.

Ancient vampire elders Rhiannon and Roland come out of exile, risking their lives to help their mortal friend Roxy reclaim her granddaughter. But before the tale ends, their lives will be forever changed.

Join Maggie Shayne as she returns to her most beloved series of all time with this new beginning….

Wings in the Night: Reborn

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You didn't think we could finish without mentioning the original series did you?
I'll let the expert take over from here, Rhiannon, if you please?

WELCOME to the World of Wings in the Night! You may begin here…

I am the vampiress Rhiannon. I would like to tell you how I, and my stories, came to be.
In 1991, before “paranormal romance” even existed, my authoress, Maggie Shayne wrote a vampire romance short story she called Twilight Phantasies and submitted it to several fiction magazines. One responded favorably, saying they loved the tale, but had a policy of only buying from their subscribers. So if she would kindly send them the hefty subscription fee, they’d be happy to make her an offer. Maggie was not yet a published author, but she was also not an idiot. (Had she been, I would not have chosen her to tell these tales I’ve been whispering into her brain for the past twenty years.) So she decided to just keep working and the story grew into a novel. 

In 1992, she submitted it to Silhouette Books’ brand new line called Shadows, a line that was far ahead of its time. It was very well received, but the editor asked her to do some revising. An offer could not be made until she did, because she was so new. The revisions were mainly about cutting back heavily on a secondary character, my beloved Roland de Courtemanche, and keeping the focus on the book’s main couple, Eric Marquand and Tamara Dey. I had every intention of paying the editor a midnight visit for this insult, until she said, “Don’t cut Roland’s scenes. Save them for the sequel. He needs a book of his own.” It was in that moment that the Wings in the Night Series was born, even though the author didn’t realize it at the time.

When the revisions were complete, Silhouette bought the novel for a four thousand dollar advance. Sadly, Shadows was doomed before it began. As I said, ahead of its time. The paranormal romance craze was only a seedling, just beginning to germinate, and nowhere near the phenomenon it would later become. The Shadows cover art had a comic or graphic novel look about it. It did not scream “romance fiction.” No matter. It is my belief that the line’s chief reason for existence was to help give birth to my stories. Once Wings in the Night began, even the line’s eventual demise could not stop it.
My authoress was on fire as I pried open her channels and continued pouring stories into her mind. She didn’t know where they were coming from back then. But it was an effort. When she first began my story, I was drawn as the villainess of the piece, and some weak and pathetic mortal female was supposed to be Roland’s mate! I schooled myself to patience. My authoress was just learning, after all. She did not yet understand who I was.
Trust me when I tell you, she does now.

Twilight Memories, my story, was published next, in 1994. You’ll have to pardon the blue eye shadow. It was the nineties, after all. I did finally get through to my authoress. In fact, I opened the lines of communication so widely, that I dictated the opening of the story. Those first four pages marked “Introduction” truly were my introduction to my authoress. I was speaking to her, telling her who and what I am, warning her that I am no one to be trifled with.
She merely wrote down what I said. And I’ve been dictating the stories of my people to her ever since.

One more novel, Twilight Illusions, featuring the magician Damien Namtar (formerly known as King Gilgamesh of Ancient Sumer) and his fledgling Shannon, was published under the Silhouette Shadows line. Damien is our link to our origins, a link that continues to unfurl all the way through Book 20 of the series. But I digress.
After this book was published, Silhouette Shadows closed down. My authoress received two messages. One from her publisher, telling her there would be no more Wings in the Night. The second was from me, telling her to begin the next book right away. She listened to me, and wrote Born in Twilight over the next eight weeks. Flat.
Shadows died. Silhouette was absorbed by Harlequin. Harlequin has been purchased by Rupert Murdoch. But Wings in the Night lived through it all, and still lives on.
My authoress has taken my advice and broken free of all of them. She will no longer allow fat, rich, mortal men to become fatter and richer from the fruits of her labor, but rather, will continue to share her gift and my voice directly with you. This also means my contact with you will be far less diluted. Less filtered. More like…a direct current.
Wings in the Night includes 15 novels, 4 novellas, and 1 “online read”
So far….
A brand new incarnation of the series begins this year with Wings in the Night: Reborn
Book One, TWILIGHT GUARDIANS will be a September 1, 2014 release in both print and electronic formats, from Maggie’s own label, Thunderfoot. And for those of you who missed the first 20 books, this is a fresh start. You may begin here….