Wednesday, 13 June 2012

When Life Gives you Lemons,

I'm sorry that I have been MIA recently, life just has a way of getting in the way, pardon the pun.
My youngest has been quite sick and I have been with her since my last post, some of the time was spent at the Children's Hospital. She's on the mend now and we hope to try going back to daycare tomorrow.

I thank you for your patience and how to give you more soon.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Cocktail Hour

It’s Friday and time to kick up our heels!
I may not have the book reviews up by I can certainly share a couple of my cocktail pairings.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness -  My choice cocktail is a Chambord Champagne cocktail.
The book has a very large French influence as does this drink. It’s a perfect blend of smooth, sweet, and surprises. Every sip is magic and if it hits the right way, fireworks!

The Siren by Tiffany Reisz – My Choice cocktail is a Spicy Jalapeno Mary.
The main character is infamous for only wearing red in public, hence a red drink. While the book, like this drink is not my “cup of tea” there are those that will keep coming back to it. The spiciness stings your tongue into submission like a whip. And then there’s the alcohol, the booze, reminding us that there is always a reason we do something, however much it hurts, be it love or getting drunk

Have a great weekend!

Fun Stuff!

I love following my favourite authors. It is so much fun to know what they are up to in real life and it is more than awesome being able to interact with them. Twitter and Facebook conversations are the closest thing I have to a coffee date, but maybe one day it will happen (I've met some of my favourite Star Trek actors at conventions, so you never know.)

I am excited to say that I have joined a couple Street Teams (via Facebook) today I'll be spreading the word for Maggie Shayne. Have you read any of her books? I love them.
She may be most well know for her Wings in the Night series, for me this was the original Twilight Series as most of the titles include Twilight (Twilight Illusions, Twilight Hunger, Born in Twilight, etc...) and yes, they are about Vampires. I love these books and am proud to say that I have them in multiple formats.

Some exciting news for lovers of Maggie Shayne today:

Today is the launch date for Maggie Shayne's new site, dedicated to her upcoming series, THE PORTAL from MIRA Books, and the premier of the video trailer for Book 1, MARK OF THE WITCH
Also launching Today, her Blissful Secrets Savenger Hunt contest, in cooperation with authors Teresa Medeiros, Shelly Thacker, Jane Porter and Susan Mallery. Readers find each of five "Blissful Secrets" (one on each authors FB page) and paste them all into a single email to enter. Grand prize at month's end, a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, winner's choice. Details at the site. There's much more going on with Maggie this month, so stay tuned.
The Portal Series Site:

My Joys

Let's meet the kids!
Elizabeth has just turned twelve. She's graduating from elementary school in less than three weeks, and going to high school in the fall. (In Quebec the school system is different from any other place. High school goes from Secondary I to V (grades 7 to 11), followed by two years of CEGEP and then University.) Aside from the whole growing up thing, the most exciting part is that she will be going to my old school. In some places that may not be a big deal but in a city with a million options it is for me. Add to the fact that I was a member of the first graduating class and that some of my teachers are still there (and still remember me!) it feels almost like coming full circle. I'm proud of her.

Brandon is nine, but soon to be ten. He's my genius. When he was four years old and putting together 100 piece puzzles all by himself I knew he was more than a little gifted. Today he's an artist. He can build anything out of paper. If he's in the mood he'll print out paper crafts and five minutes later I'll have a paper model of the DeLorean from Back to the Future, but when inspiration strikes he can build something out of nothing. Last fall he built a scale replica model of Niagara Falls, with cotton balls to represent the water foaming. He's showered me in Angry Birds and many many many Star Trek ships. He is amazing.

Haley is five, and she's my princess. Really. She likes to wear dresses and pretty clothes and she often sneaks my lip gloss on. If she could get away with it, she'd wear a tiara. She loves Disney movies and playing with dolls. She sings and dances and puts on some amazing shows. She's my Belle.

Sydney is three. She's a little dare-devil. She runs, she jumps, she climbs. On everything, everywhere. You think she's in her room playing, but no, she's in the bathroom putting on my makeup and filling bottles with water. She's my Wild Child.

And we have launch...?

So here we are, June 1st. And.... Not fully up yet. *insert sad face here*
I was really hoping to be ready.
I've read a lot of books that I want to talk about and recipes I've tried and TV too!

The biggest thing in my life though, is family (with work coming in a close second.) I have a big family. Although I am surprised to know that it is not as big as others. My daughter goes to school with a couple kids who have huge families, we're talking six to eight kids, I just have four. Four amazing, talented, smart, funny, crazy kids. Five if you count the husband too.

Maybe I was too optimistic or ambitious, so let's start out slow. I hope you'll forgive me.

Welcome to my blog, I hope we can have fun.