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Every Little Thing She Does is Magic!

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Twilight Phantasies

Author Spotlight: Maggie Shayne - Part 1

I have had a 17 year love affair with an author, that's more than half my life, longer than I've know my husband, this is the real thing. When I think books about Vampires or Witches, I think Maggie Shayne.

While she has many stand alone stories, by true love is for her Vampire Series and her Immortal Witches series.

Wings in the Night

You will find no sparkly Vampires here.

It all began in 1993 with Twilight Phantasies and now has 18 stories,  the latest Twilight Fulfilled came out in October of last year. The series tells the stories of a family of vampires and their mortal friends and family. Ms. Shayne has created a compelling cast of characters. The Vampires are not demons, but humans who had a rare Belladonna antigen in their blood, the very thing that helps them transform, without the transformation they usually die young.
There is a common enemy in each book, D.P.I. (the Dept. of Paranormal Investigations)
Many of the characters weave in and out of each book in a beautiful tapestry, we meet some character when they are quite young and watch as they grow up through the series to become integral parts of the whole.
I'll be honest and admit that I don't love all of the books, but there are many of the books that I LOVE, so that more than makes up for it. As a whole, this series is my favorite of all Vampire series.
The stories do not get muddied up by werewolves or zombies, this is pure Vampire, and the OG Vampire of pop-culture Dracula does make an appearance along the way, but Ms. Shayne's Vampires go back much further.
Twilight FulfilledThere are twists and turns and surprises in every book, magic and mayhem, but there is heart. While they may be Romances there is more to it, these characters breathe. They are so much more than words on paper; they are sisters, brothers, mothers, daughters, friends.

All of the Wings in the Night books are available on Kindle and other eBook retailers, some of the later books are still available in paperback. If you can, pick one up and dive on in; you won't regret it.

I am eagerly awaiting what Ms. Shayne has coming up next, her new series; The Portal

The series will begin with a FREE ebook prequel, LEGACY OF THE WITCH on September 1st, 2012.  

Book 1, MARK OF THE WITCH goes on sale on September 18th, 2012.  

This is the story of Indira.

Book 2, DAUGHTER OF THE SPELLCASTER hits the stands on November 20th.  
This is Magdalena’s story.  

Book 3, BLOOD OF THE SORCERESS releases January 20th.  
This story belongs to Lilia.

And just in time for Halloween; THE MAGICK OF THE WITCHES: Maggie’s non-fiction book about witchcraft, magick, how and why it works, with spells and rituals to enhance anyone’s practice, will be available in E and print editions.

For more on the series and the magic of Maggie Shayne, check out or this amazing book trailer: 

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  1. Oh, wow. That's a long time to have been reading one authors! I just read my first Maggie Shayne not too long ago in an anthology and loved it. Finally found the first couple in the Wings in the Night series at one of the used bookstores. I'm gonna have to pick those up next month I think :)