Monday, 8 July 2013

What is the Opposite of a Foodgasm?

I like to think of myself as a bit of a Foodie. I like to eat food, I like to make food.
I may not go all out adventurous and try the gizzards and innards gourmet delight du jour or anything blood related (I may like to read about Vampires, but I certainly don't want to eat like one) and don't get me started on bone marrow, eugh. But, I do go for ethnic variety, and things that are out of the usual ordinary.

I am a regular viewer of the Food Network, and collect books from some of my favourite celebrity chefs (I'm looking at your Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray!)

When I think of Bobby Flay I get excited. Um, rather, when I think of his food I get excited (my feelings for the man are personal, although not really a secret, the way that man carves a turkey... LOL)
My taste buds rev up, my mind fires and I get ready. (I have eaten at his Bar Americain NYC location so I have experienced the foodgasmic bliss, and have successfully followed his recipes,  it's not just wishful thinking.)

I figured the man could do no wrong, but I have come across one recipe that didn't even have me wanting something more, it just turned me off completely.

Last summer we took a family vacation, roadtripping it down to Florida. We passed through the southern states and I desperately wanted to try Fried Green Tomatoes; a Southern staple that has many salivating at the thought. Alas, when we stopped in Georgia for lunch, we went to a Ruby Tuesdays, nothing especially regionally special there. I went without the Fried Green Tomatoes.

Recently the movie starring Jessica Tandy was on TV and it awakened my desire to try the dish again. I'm sure I won't be finding any restaurants in Montreal that would satisfy the craving so I decided to make them myself. I searched the internet for recipes and found one on the Food Network's site by Bobby Flay.
He has never led me wrong before, right?

His recipe (along with all other I could find) called for cornmeal, as well as the obvious, green tomatoes.
No green tomatoes to be found, so I substituted firm yellowy red ones. I also couldn't find any golden cornmeal, so I got the white, I really didn't think it would make that much of a difference.

The results were awful. There was no golden brown outside, it ended up with pale white discs, no matter how long I cooked them for (or at how high a heat.) The only thing that changed was how hard the, for lack of a better word, shell was. This is what people get excited about?

Also included was a recipe for a remoulade dipping sauce, which was okay, but tasted too eggy.

I won't print or link to the recipe, I can't do that to anyone.
I won't include a picture, because they were so uninspiring.

Did I do something really wrong?
Is there another recipe you would recommend?

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