Friday, 8 March 2013

She's Outrunning the Cloud

I’m really not sure how to start this, or how to say it, so I hope you will bear with me.

In my line of work I speak and interact with a lot of people, and over time some of them stop being just customers. They become friends. We'll share our joys, talk about our kids, or snark at the world at large. One such friend needs a little help.

If this was a book or movie, the story would go something like this: 
Man and Woman meet and fall in love, they get married, adopt 2 kids, have 2 dogs, run a popular gift store and live happily ever after. Right?
There’s a hitch.
The Man has Cystic Fibrosis and 6 months ago underwent a double lung transplant. 
He survives and they go on to win Canadian Retailer of the Year. 
Together they danced at the gala celebrating their win.
Inspirational? Yes. Amazing? Yes.

But wait, there’s more.

That night, as they were dancing and celebrating, they held on to a secret.
In early January, our heroine was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. 
In a matter of days, she goes for a double mastectomy. 
After that, recovery and who knows what else she’ll need to do.

She is V, and she's Outrunning the Cloud.

In August she will be doing the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. For her 5th time.
She first started the walk when her mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
She lost her mother to the disease, 3 years ago this month, but still continues to do the walk.

She started doing the walk to support her mother against the disease that was ravaging  . 
She continued to do the walk so that nobody else (including her daughters) would have to lose their mother, now she does the walk as a future Breast Cancer Survivor.
She has a blog documenting her “journey”

Among her fears for post-surgery is that she may not being able to knit, and it will be a while before she can run. Not being able to do the walk has never even been whispered.

Here is where the call for help comes in. 
She is personally responsible for raising $5,000 to walk. A goal that she knows she will meet.
But for her friends and supporters and everyone else on her team, they each need to raise $2,000 before they can even take a single step with her.

V is a planner, and an organizer, and amazing; and she has guaranteed to her friends that they will each meet (if not surpass) their goals.
Her initial idea to raise funds was to auction of knit items and handicrafts.
Since she announced her plan, things have snowballed. Friends and fans have started donating anything and everything. From restaurant gift certificates, to sheets, to leather dog beds, to personal trainer sessions. I will be donating items from work, and personally. 
She has also been given an autographed book from The Bloggess (aka Jenny lawson, aka V's internet hero!) to auction off!

V posted her most recent addition for the auction this week, made with her own two hands (using an awesome pre-printed cloth!)

made these for the auction. they are COVERED in embroidered tattoos! I love them! Full credit to My Paper Crane, who designed the pre-printed panels, which I bought on Spoonflower years ago. finally got around to making them.

I am asking for donation items that she can auction off (knit stuff, books, anything at all), or if you can’t donate anything, ask that you stop by the auction or make a direct donation. 
Even a few dollars makes a difference.
I hope you will help me support her in any way you can. 
The auction will run from May 15th to June 1st. here

And just to be clear, not a penny will be going to her personally, or even to pay for her treatment. All monies raised will go towards research, equipment and care. You can learn more here.

I am posting this to the blog, and sending the message to as many people as I can. 
If you know someone who might be interested or may be able to help, please share.

If you are interested in helping, please let me know via email

If you have read this far, then yay! and thank you.
As a thank you from the bottom of my heart, whether you have donated something for the auction, made a direct donation, or have purchased something from the auction, please let me know. I will randomly select a name and send you my favorite mug (with a few extra surprises.) The Mug? Is awesome.

Thank you. 


  1. Morgan, I'll be happy to donate a copy of LOVING LADY MARCIA and THE EARL IS MINE. You're a good friend, and I wish your friend great success with this auction!!!

    1. That is amazing of you Kieran, thank you!!!

  2. Is there an address to send a donation via Paypal?


    1. Hi!
      Online donations can be made here:

      Thank you so much!

  3. Durrr...I'm a little slow..LOL I just noticed it was the same link as above. I was afraid to use that one because I didn't see that it would benefit her team..but just noticed it up at the top of the page. Glad I could help, but more importantly, I'm glad she's got such a great friend in you ;)

    1. My own fault, I should have been more clear.
      Thanks Nitty, you're awesome!

  4. You are so beautiful and strong! After reading your post, I might power-up and take a shower. Thank you for sharing your life, your strength.