Friday, 18 May 2012

I'm excited and tingly!

I'm really excited!
Not just because of the long weekend about to start, but because I have made some decisions about the blog.

Every week there will be a book review, at least one or two (I am only one person and I can only ignore the kids so much). Although on launch day there will be many. I am looking forward to reviews on books by Stefanie Sloane, Julia Quinn, Carolyn Jewel, Nora Roberts, Eloisa James, and so many more!(I can't show all my cards now!) One review/comparison I am excited for is 50 Shades of Grey vs. The Siren.
Will it be a case of the pretender vs. the contender? I'm starting this weekend so I know it's going to get hot!

I've also been inspired by an article I read on this week about Famous Fiction Writers and Their Cocktails. For every book or TV show that I mention I will pair it with a wine, beer or cocktail (This will involve extensive testing, but I am up for the challenge!)

I will write about TV the day following the episode, I don't want to be the Spoiler Bitch for anyone.

The final exciting announcement today is that I am going to do my own version of the Julie/Julia Project.
I am a big fan and admirer of Bobby Flay. I have watched him on TV for years, and last summer I spent a weekend in NYC. I was lucky enough to have dinner at Bar Americain, my Vidalia Onion Soup and Smoked Chicken entree may have been the best things I ever put in my mouth.
Also, have you seen the man? He's hot! Watching him carve a turkey is practically an erotic experience.
I have ordered the Bar Americain Cookbook. Starting next week I will do at least one recipe a day (it also includes cocktail too!) I will try not to repeat anything but I may not be able to resist. First up will be the Smoked Chicken. My taste buds are tingling already!

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